Realising that the skin, our biggest organ, soaks up the ingredients of cosmetic products and distributes them throughout our body through our blood flow, we offer Herbio products, natural mixtures of herbal ingredients and vitamins that are exceptionally mild and gentle to the user. They are suitable for the entire family, for her and him, particular ones for children and youth as well, for persons with specific difficulties or allergies, persons with dermatitis and other skin difficulties.

Herbio buyers appreciate natural and herbal ingredients, have a high regard for themselves and the environment, and contemplate purchase with great detail. Herbio meets demands such as:


We trust nature and its infallible strength. When providing new recipes, we chose ingredients with special care, to ensure favourable effects to the body. Only the best herbal ingredients make for quality products.

 “traditional - contemporary”

Herbs are preserved in their natural state to the highest possible degree, and the products are the result of the best nature has to offer in combination with traditional knowledge and experience, enriched with contemporary findings and technologies.


Individual products contain the precise amounts of ingredients necessary for the desired effect of the product. In case the appropriate natural ingredient can not be obtained, we use artificial materials in minimal amounts, for example: instead of mineral oils, we use vegetable and herbal oils that are essentially more favourable for the user.

“safe and effective”

Every plant and herb contains an abundance of functionally active substances that help maintain the functional balance of our bodies. Every step is carefully planned, tested and supervised. We strive to reach the highest quality in herbs, product safety and efficiency.