The world of herbs - Nature's strongest for a contemporary man and woman, with love

HERBIO trademark was born in the midst of fields, meadows and forests, in Nature. Hence, the name Herbio, composed of the words “herb-” and “bios”, the latter meaning life. Quality of life is an invaluable asset for each individual, therefore we utilize extensive knowledge and secrets on beneficial effects of plants and herbs our ancestors uncovered. These are combined with contemporary scientific discoveries and an insight into the needs of contemporary men and women. We offer intensive care with the force of Nature, herbs and vegetation to you and your family for well-being and a better quality of life.

We also strive to improve the quality of modern life with traditional knowledge:

   with quality products;
From products by traditional recipes to revolutionary and original products, made to meet the needs of contemporary men and women.

  by acquiring new knowledge;
Education and exchanging knowledge on cosmetics, herbs, fragrances, nature, sales and use of computer technology in the workplace.

   with the possibility of socialising, cooperation and extra earnings or a business of one’s own;
By selling Herbio products, in addition to positive socialising and gaining experience, many also make profit.

   by caring for others;
Responsibility towards the local environment with mutual help and charity events under the patronage of the

 Herbio teddy bear.        

   environmentally responsible;
Minimal amounts of product packaging from recycling and ecological materials. We respect nature and appreciate it’s strength.

Herbio products are made in Europe. For you, with love.

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