Herbio INT d.o.o. engages in direct sales. This is the only sales activity that will never vanish. It is in human nature wanting to share the good things with the ones we love and are important to us.

Direct sale is the oldest form of selling and is unique probably for the very reason of being versatile and enabling everyone with an equal opportunity for success. There’s only one criterion that makes you either a success or failure - in addition to the will to succeed - goal oriented dedication and hard-work.

Make your own business without the start-up financial input and risk.

You will not require production or office spaces. You get to decide when, where, how and with whom you want to work. You will be controlled and supervised by no one; instead, we offer our guidance and encouragement.

Most of our co-workers began their path by recognizing a personal opportunity to order quality products for special, lower prices. Soon it became very clear their actual goals were much higher.

Despite being quite active and fully employed, most among them are aware of the uncertainty in today’s world and the need for a wider range of possibilities and income venues.

The Herbio business model is simple. It does not offer employment but the opportunity for work and a career, which can eventually become your own business. In conclusion, it is independent work with guidance and support of the professional associates of the Herbio family.

For the possibility of a business cooperation write to us at info@herbio.si.